Rent Increase is Justified

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Rent Increase – Response

In response to your request to maintain your rent payments static at __($amount)__ per month, please be advised that we will not be accommodating your request at this time. Since __(year)__, the rent at __(address)__ has only been increased by a total of __($amount)__, which represents less than __(%)__. As you know, we have done everything possible to offset rising costs over the years in order to keep your rent payments stable. Considering the rate of inflation, we believe that we have done an exceptional job with keeping your rental payments down. An increase of __(%)__ cannot in any way be considered unreasonable and, therefore, we will be proceeding with the previously mentioned increase to __($amount)__ per month, effective __(date)__.

Again, we ask that you __(complete the attached Pre-authorization Form/provide us with # Post-dated Checks/etc.)__. Please ensure that your __(Form/ Post-dated checks/etc.)__ __(is/are)__ completed and __(dropped off/forwarded)__ to our office no later than __(date)__. Thank you.

Yours truly,