Lease agreement

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: Lease Agreement - Expiry Date - __(date)__ Premises: __(Address)__

In accordance with the terms of the above mentioned Lease Agreement, please allow this letter to serve as sufficient written notice that __(Name of Company)__ has chosen not to exercise the __(Name of Option – e.g. Three-year Lease Extension Option)__ beyond the expiration of our current lease term. Instead, it is our intent is to allow this lease to expire on __(date)__, at which time the above mentioned premises will be vacated by our company. Up until then, please be advised that we will continue to honor our current lease obligations, including any relevant __(type of obligations – e.g. CPI increases)__.

In the event you wish to contact us regarding this matter, please __(feel free to call me directly at phone #/address your correspondence to my attention at.../etc.)__. Trusting you will find all to be in order.

Yours truly,