Wrongful Entry into Premises

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: Lease Agreement - Premises: __(Address)__ Wrongful Entry of Premises

Please allow this letter to serve as written notification informing you of a violation of the above mentioned Lease Agreement by the __(Landlord/Management Corporation)__ of said premises. On __(date)__ the __(Landlord/Management Corporation entered or Landlord/Management Corporation provided a repairman access to)__ the above mentioned premises in order to __(briefly explain why premises was entered)__. This entry was conducted without written or express permission by the tenant.

This Lease Agreement specifically states, in the case of Entry of Premises, that ‘Except in the case of an emergency, the Landlord shall not enter the premises without the consent of the Tenant.’ Be advised that I did not provide consent for entry into my __(unit/premises)__ during my absence and in no way did I ever indicate to the __(Landlord/Management Corporation)__ that the said repairs should be considered an emergency. It is not even reasonable for anyone to deem these types of repairs to be a “case of an emergency”

I cannot express enough to you how upsetting this has been to me. Please be advised that if this situation should ever occur again, I will be prepared to __(terminate this lease for “Breach of Contract”/initiate legal action for “Intrusion of Privacy”/etc.)__. I trust that this situation will be dealt with in the appropriate ways in order to prevent another wrongful entry.

Respectfully yours,