Request Reduction in Rent Increase

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Rent Increase - __(Address of Rented Location)__

We are in receipt of the rent increase notification dated __(Date)__. While we understand that rents must be increased from time to time, the amount of this particular increase appears to be __(unusually/very/quite/exceptionally/etc.)__ high. Please be aware that our budget dictates the amount of rent that is economically feasible for our organization to pay. After crunching the numbers, we’ve found that this __(% or amount)__ increase will extend us too much.

There’s no doubt that we would rather stay in this location, however, we must ask you to reduce the proposed increase in order to make that a practical choice for us. An increase of __(range of increase - % or amounts)__ would be much easier for us to incorporate into our budget. We ask you to kindly take this under consideration.

Thank you for your time to review our request. We will remain hopeful of your decision.

Best regards,