Response to Online Dating Email

Love Letter

Dear ...

Thank you for your wonderful message. It is so nice to hear from you. You sound like a very interesting __(man/woman)__ and I find myself quite intrigued with you.

It is hard to know where to start, when talking about one’s life, so I guess the beginning is the best place to start. I grew up in __(name of city/state)__ and I have __(#)__ brothers and sisters. I’ve always been a bit on the __(adventurous/cautious/curious)__ side and have been known to __(have a great passion for taking on new challenges/look twice and thrice before I leap/constantly seek out the answers to those questions I inevitably have about everything)__.

I was married at age __(#)__ and have __(#)__ children; (#boy(s) and #girl(s) )__, ages __(#)__, __(#)__ and __(#)__. I was married for __(#)__ years before __(we were divorced/my -wife/husband- passed away)__. __(We were divorced as a result of---briefly explain why divorced)__ or __(He/She died from --briefly explain why died)__. Having gone through the __(healing time/grieving period)__ __(of a divorce/for the loss of my wife/husband)__, I feel that I am ready to take on life at its fullest again.

I absolutely revere the gift of life and am committed to making the most of the time I have been given. Most people consider me to be __(genuine, considerate, intelligent, witty, caring, helpful, ambitious, and confident)__. I like to consider myself as being __(honest, caring, creative, dependable, genuine, goal oriented and someone who possesses a great sense of humor)__. My humor is complimented by what I consider to be my grounded side where I find my sense of focus, conviction to my ethics and values and the understanding between my wants and needs.

Some of the things I like to do to keep in shape include __(cycling, hiking, weekly/daily workouts, dance etc)__. I love to __(cook, dine out, etc.)__, I am __(a wine connoisseur, very neat, etc.)__ and I love music. My favorite type of music is __(list favorite type of music)__, though I also really enjoy listening to __(list other types of music you like)__.

It’s too bad that we have such great distance between us but I am really looking forward to getting to know you all the same. I look forward to hearing from you again!

My best wishes to you,