Introduce Yourself and your Company to new VP

Business Letter


On behalf of __(name of Company)__, please allow me to congratulate you on your new position of __(name of position)__ with __(Name of Organization)__. Over the past __(#)__ years that we’ve been doing business with __(Name of organization)__, we have had the privilege of watching it grow into an impressively successful organization. I have no doubt, __(Name)__, that the experience you bring to this position will also add tremendous value to __(Name of Organization’s)__ continued success.

Please allow me introduce myself. My name is, __(name)__, the __(name of position)__ with __(Name of Company)__. As mentioned, our company has been providing __(type of services/products)__ to __(Name of Organization)__ for __(#)__ years now. Our area of expertise lies in the __(type of area)__, which aligns perfectly with the __(type of requirements)__ requirements of __(Name of organization)__. For your convenience, I have enclosed __(some material/a brochure)__ outlining some of the __(products/services)__ that we offer.

It has been a privilege to work with __(Name of Organization)__ for such an extended period of time and we look forward to a continued business relationship. We attribute the longevity of our relationship to our commitment of offering the __(best /most professional/etc.)__ service possible. This is the philosophy that we corporatively live by.

I would be delighted to have the opportunity to meet with you to discuss in more detail, the __(type)__ solutions that __(name of Company)__ can offer to your organization. When you get a moment please peruse the information I have enclosed. I will be in contact with you soon to arrange a meeting at your convenience.