Introduction - Newly-Created Product

Business Letter

Dear ….

RE: New Product Invention

I wish to take this opportunity to introduce to you the new __(‘type’ product/piece of ‘type’ equipment/etc.)__ that I have recently __(designed/created/invented)__. Over the past __(length of time)__ I have been trying to __(invent a way to/design a product that will/etc.)__ __(briefly describe what it accomplishes)__. After spending tireless hours perfecting the design of this __(type of product/equipment/etc.)__, I believe that the finished product is a winner.

Enclosed, please find documentation providing all the __(operational details and specifications/etc.)__ for my new “__(Name of product/equipment)__.” You will see how __(briefly highlight something significant about the project)__. I believe that this will __(briefly describe what it should be noted for – example: will make a positive difference to the future of…/will aid in the …/etc.)__. Those who have already tried it, find it to be both innovative and successful in __(briefly describe what it accomplishes – i.e. helping them to…)__.

It is my belief that this __(type of product/equipment)__ is worth considering __(as a new product line/for use in…/etc.)__, and for that reason, I am submitting this “__(Name of product/equipment)__” to you. I thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon.