Introduction of Purchasing/Buying Agent

Business Letter

Dear …

Do you offer __(type of items)__ in your inventory?

Procuring __(type of)__ merchandise from various manufacturers __(in -location- / around the world/etc.)__ can be quite a challenge for buyers these days. Much time and effort can be spent on the process without any guarantee that the outcome will be satisfactory. Receiving shipments on time of products that are of the quality that was promised by the manufacturer are amongst the top issues that buyers deal with. Working with a professional __(purchasing/buying)__ agent with expertise in this area can ensure your satisfaction.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is __(Name)__, with __(Name of company)__. I am a professional __(purchasing/buying)__ agent with __(#)__ years of experience __(specify experience: e.g. - with purchasing -type of items- from…)__. Understanding what my clients are looking for in these types of products and then finding the right economical fit for them with an expeditious manufacturer who guarantees quality, is my top priority.

When you choose me as your __(purchasing/buying)__ agent, you can expect me to:

  1. __(List service #1 - preferably something that sets you apart from other purchasing agents – i.e. )__ – __(here give an explanation of how this will benefit the client)__
  2. __(List service #2 – e.g. Ensure Product Quality – __(here give an explanation of how this will benefit the client)__
  3. __(List service #3 – e.g. Track Shipments – __(here give an explanation of how this will benefit the client)__

In a nutshell, I offer the kind of expertise you need in the area of purchasing __(-type of items- from location)__. I take the onus off your shoulders in overseeing this buying process, which frees up your time and gives you peace of mind knowing that the products you’ve ordered will be shipped on time, in good condition and are of the quality you expect. So why not let me help make the next purchase of your __(type of)__ merchandise a whole lot easier for you?

__(Please feel free to contact me anytime at __(phone #)__ / I will be in touch with you soon/etc.)__ to further discuss how these services will benefit you.

Yours truly,