Painting Services Introduction

Business Letter

Dear …

Would you like to take advantage of a professional painting service for less than what you are paying now?

Then you’ll want to read on…

Let us tell you how we can do that for you. __(name of company)__ can offer lower prices than our competitors because we know how to do it right the first time. Mistakes on painting projects can be costly to correct. Painting service companies frequently experience this as a result of inexperienced people performing the actual painting tasks. These companies build those `painting error` costs into their pricing structure, which is then passed on to their customers.

At __(name of company)__, our team of expert painters have over __(#)__ years of experience in the industry. We are professionals who take pride in our work, going to great lengths to ensure mistakes are not made. This way we keep the costs down, while never compromising service. Not only are our customers happy with the professional paint jobs we do for them, but often we end up saving them plenty of dollars on their projects.

A recent survey we had conducted with our customers, told us that the top-four items that are important to people when choosing a painting service are:

  1. Job done on time – Nothing is worse than having to be inconvenienced for a longer time period than what you agreed to. We guarantee that our painting projects will be finished within the time frame outlined in our proposals…and not extended a minute longer!
  2. Clean environment - When the painting project is completed, our clients can’t even tell we were there, with the exception of the new paint on the walls, of course! We ensure that the area is completely returned to a spotless condition. The only thing they notice is how great the newly painted room looks!
  3. Professional paint job – Nobody likes to see unsightly runs, a poorly brushed area , the wrong color or spots of paint on areas where they shouldn’t be. Every project we take on is done to perfection! We know our job is done when our customers tell us, “How fantastic the room looks!”
  4. Fair Price – Our prices remain very competitive, which keeps our customers coming back.

Existing and past clients continue to refer new business to us, which is a great testimonial to our quality service. Anyone can put a paint brush in their hand, but when an experienced professional holds the brush, you know you are in good hands.

With __(name of company)__, you get your money`s worth!

Our experienced painters are able to handle a variety of projects such as stairwells, lobbies, elevators, hallways, management offices, and even swimming pools! We have easily taken on unique painting projects for well-respected organizations such as __(company name of customer)__. From small jobs to large, you can trust us to expertly handle all of your painting projects.

If you’d like to take advantage of our exceptional service, we invite you to contact us at __(phone#)__. We would welcome the opportunity to be added to your bidding list.

Rest assured, we can handle all your painting needs!