Introduction - Co. and Products to New Customers

Business Letter

Dear …

As a company that uses __(type of product)__ in large quantities, no doubt you want the best value for your dollar. We are very pleased to offer you attractive pricing on this product.

Please allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is, __(name)__ , the __(type of position)__ with __(Name of company)__. Our organization has been serving the __(type of industry)__ industry for __(#)__ years, offering a full range of __(type of products)__. Not only do we offer superior quality products, but we also offer attractive pricing. Our goal is to consistently provide the best in products, service and price to our clients.

We are currently offering to you:

__(briefly describe product and price)__

__(Please feel free to browse our website at: http://www_____________. We offer secure online purchases and quick delivery)__. OR __(In the next few days, I will contact you by telephone to discuss this in more detail)__. I thank you for your time and look forward to __(doing business with you/talking with you soon/etc.)__.