Offering Re-Order Discount to Customer

Business Letter

Dear ...

We note that back in __(Month/Year)__, you ordered a supply of __(type of product)__ from us. In checking our records, we’ve calculated that you may now be getting low on your __(type of)__ inventory and we’d be happy to facilitate a re-order for you..

For your convenience, all the information necessary for a re-order has been preprinted on the form below. Please review this information and make notes right on the form of any required changes. Then simply sign and date the form and mail or fax it back to us. We’ll take care of the rest.

__(Name of Company)__ has been providing __(type of product(s)__ to businesses in __(name of area)__ for the past __(length of time)__. We continue to provide quality products, standing behind them with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Good customer service still tops our list as we maintain our fast order turnaround time, setting us apart from our competitors.

As an existing customer, we are pleased to offer you a discount on your re-order. You will save __(__%)__ if you order within __(Length of time)__ from the date of this letter. The price on the order form already includes the discount.

We thank you for your continued confidence in our __(type of)__ products look forward to hearing from you soon.


Re-Order Form:

Mail to: __(Name )__, __(Address)__

Fax to: __(fax number)__

__(complete this form with the relative order information)__

__(order information)__

__(order information)__

__(order information)__