Distance has grown between us

Love Letter

Dear …

Do you ever remember back to when we first got __(married/together)__? Do you ever long for the return of those days? We shared so much joy and laughter and enjoyed so many good times together, didn’t we? The memories we made back then are still locked firmly within my heart. We seemed to fit together so perfectly and you made me happier than I ever thought possible.

Now I find myself living only in memory of those wonderful times we shared, wondering what happened. Where did our beautiful life together go? The great respect we once held for each other seems to have vanished. That sweet love that once bound us so closely together seems to have gone sour, leaving behind a deafening silence of the distance that is growing between us.

Instead of curling up in each others arms, talking the night away about our goals and our dreams, we end up fighting about things that are so insignificant. No longer do we make beautiful love together. Instead, the bed we share has a cold invisible line drawn between us, a line that we are both too stubborn to cross.

Why have we become so unhappy with our life? I have never stopped loving you, __(name)__, and I have never stopped needing you. You were once my best friend and I find myself longing for that friendship again. My heart aches over what we have lost. I long for the life we once shared together. Even our children sense our unhappiness and I know they would love to live in a happy home again.

I don’t know where to begin to start repairing our life and rekindle the love we once shared, but I’m reaching out to you, __(name)__. Please reach back before it’s too late.

With all my love,