Renewing a Business Acquaintance

Business Letter

Dear …

The other day I was sorting through the various business cards I have collected over the last __(# months/years)__, when I came across your card. I remember meeting you at __(describe how you met)__ way back in __(month & year)__. I recall that it was a real pleasure meeting you, so I thought I would say hello.

Please allow me to refresh your memory so that you know who this voice from the past actually is. My name is__(name)__. I was the __(color of hair)__ haired __(man/woman/person)__ sitting next to you at __(type of)__ __(seminar/the luncheon/etc.)__. At the time, I was __(briefly describe one of the following: where you were working/what you were doing in your life/what position you held/etc)__. I remember that we had a great discussion about __(briefly describe what your conversation was about)__. Though we didn’t have a lot of time to spend together, I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and was actually a bit disappointed that the time constraints didn’t allow for a longer conversation.

I have since changed my __(position/career/employer/etc)__ and am now __(briefly describe what you are doing now)__. At any rate, I would really enjoy renewing our acquaintance. Perhaps we can share some more thoughts on __(briefly describe what you had in common)__ . If it fits into your schedule, I`d like to treat you to lunch sometime between __(date)__ and __(date)__. If this works for you, please let me know so we can set something up.

I look forward to hearing from soon.