Spring Cleaning Services

Business Letter

Dear …

Spring is coming!

Ah yes, warm weather, lots of sunshine, flowers …

and that dreaded Spring Cleaning!

Wish you didn’t have to worry about getting down and dirty

to scrub away those winter doldrums?

Then read on…

__(Name of Cleaning Service)__ can take care of all your spring cleaning needs for you. By working within your budget and your time schedule, we can customize a spring cleaning program just for you.

Don`t you deserve to have more time for yourself and your family? You work hard enough and shouldn’t have to worry about those spring cleaning chores waiting for you. For as little as __($amount)__ we can take care of __(list a few things that you will clean for that amount of money – i.e. window cleaning/etc)__.

Our service offers:

  1. Bonded cleaning specialists
  2. Customized cleaning programs for you
  3. A cleaning schedule that works around your schedule
  4. Reference letters and recommendations upon request
  5. Competitive pricing
  6. Professional service

So why not take advantage of our service and leave those dreaded spring cleaning chores to us? Call us at __(phone#)__ to set up your cleaning appointment now.

Yours truly,