Financial Planning sales letter

Business Letter

Dear …

There’s an old way and a new way to manage your finances, the old way is called “reactive” where you wait for a problem to develop, for the bills to pile up, for the monthly expenses to bury you, and then you react---somehow---trying to patch things up.

The new approach is different…called “proactive.” Instead of waiting for the bad news, you manage your finances to anticipate and avoid problems.

How? … We can show you…

At __(Name of company)__, we specialize in helping you to make a rapid transition from reactive to proactive financial management. And even if you are heavily in debt, even maybe behind with some of your bills, don’t think it’s too late for you. We’ll work with you to consolidate your debt and create a payment plan you can live with, one that will preserve or restore your good credit without putting you on bread and water.

Call me directly at __(phone #)__ to set up an immediate appointment. It’s up to you…act now, or just keep reacting.