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Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Government Downsizing Challenges

In these days of Government downsizing, we see Agencies everywhere faced with the challenge of trying to meet increasing demands with less resources. This condition not only takes its toll on meeting deadlines and the overall mission of the Agency, but tends to be very taxing on existing personnel. __(Name of Company)__ understands completely the degree of these challenges you face and we’re here to offer you a solution.

From what we have identified with other Agencies within the __(Federal/State/etc.)__ government, one area that tends to require significant attention is the administrating and auditing of the __(i.e. Pension Benefit Plan)__. That is where we can help. Our experienced staff members have been administering pension plans for __(#)__ years and have developed solid expertise in this area. We employ over __(#)__ pension and actuarial professionals, providing the necessary expertise to ensure government compliance and customer satisfaction. The service we offer allows you to continue working towards your __(i.e. corporate)__ mission without having to use key staff members to manage the __(i.e. Pension Benefit Plan)__ operation.

__(Name of Company)__ understands the complexity of __(i.e. -Defined Pension Plans)__ and how to administrate and audit them. Our actuaries use the latest technology to maximize efficiency. We take full responsibility for the day-to-day management of your __(i.e. Benefit Pension Plan)__ and work in tandem with your specifications and requirements. In doing so, we help you to raise your existing human resources to a strategic level.

Our size and structure allow us to adapt easily to meet the demands of our clients. No __(i.e. -Defined Pension Plan)__ is too complex for __(Name of Company)__ to manage. __(Name of Company1)__ and __(Name of Company2)__ are just a couple of those among our list of clients. Whatever your requirements, we are committed to adding value at every level of service.

Outsourcing __(i.e. Pension Benefit Plan)__ administration services is likely the ideal solution to the challenges you face. Once you’ve had a look at just what we can do for your Agency, I believe you’ll agree. I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss this further with you and will be in contact you soon to arrange a time.


__(Name, title)__

__(Company Name)__

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