Document Processing Services

Business Letter

Dear ...

Need a hand once in a while?

The ability to consistently produce accurate documents and reports that convey a professional image is backbone of many successful businesses. Your reputation and ultimately your bottom line depends on the appearance and fast turnaround time of your correspondence. When a business, such as yours, suddenly finds itself short staffed or in a temporary work overload situation, the outcome is often a disruption in work flow and to customer service. At ____company name_____ we can offer you kind the business experience and computer skills that you need to complete a special project, meet an important deadline or help you through a transitional period.

Developing a working relationship with a dependable document processing service is an effective way to continue uninterrupted service to your clients. Why wait until a crisis develops? Let’s talk now about how we can work together to keep your business running smoothly during those staff shortages or work overload times.

Call us at _______________ to arrange an appointment. We’d be happy to provide you with professional references of our services.