Party Coordinators

Business Letter

Dear ...

Having trouble organizing that Christmas party?

Imagine the perfect Christmas Party with lush green pine bows, bright red ribbons, the band playing the perfect Christmas Songs at just the right pitch. Caterers serving the perfect meal at the right on time while the snow gently falls outside against the blackened night! We can do all of that for you ... with the exception of the falling snow!

Here at _________________Party Planners we have years of experience in making perfect parties come true. Whether it’s a company function or a personal party, we can arrange everything from beginning to end with our all inclusive packaging - and best of all, you get to have fun yourself, without worry!

Our prices are very reasonable and our work is exceptional. We have several different themes, prices and dates to choose from.

Call us today at _________ to book an appointment with one of our consultants, and remember, let your worries disappear with your best party ever!

Best wishes,