Wedding Planning Services

Business Letter

Dear …

Oh how long you’ve dreamed of your wedding day...carrying that vision with you forever. You know exactly how everything should be…You’ve envisioned it a thousand times or more and now, the time has finally come to fulfill this wonderful dream.

We know how very important your wedding day is for you and we genuinely want to help you make it perfect. Your vision is so beautiful and magical. Yet, getting caught up in all the planning details can sometimes take away the magic. So why not let us remove those worries and stresses that come with the endless details of your wedding plans? As the beautiful bride, you deserve to bask in the bliss of it all and thoroughly enjoy your wedding. That’s how you’ve dreamed it would be, and that’s how it ought to be.

From the largest to the finest of details, __(Name of Organization)__ can expertly take care anything or everything for you. You can trust us to creatively weave your unique theme throughout your entire day and create the perfect mood. With our full range of services, we can take care of everything from coordinating food, entertainment and transportation, to planning invitations, decorations and souvenirs. All aspects of your wedding plans can be entrusted to our very capable staff.

At __(Name of Organization)__, we go to great lengths to ensure our client’s wedding day is as perfect as they dreamed it would be. Some of the services we offer include the planning and coordination of:

  1. __(list an appealing service)__
  2. __(list an appealing service)__
  3. __(list an appealing service)
  4. __(list an appealing service)
  5. __(list an appealing service)

If you’d like to take advantage of these, or any of the other many services we offer, we invite you to contact us at __(phone#/email/etc.)__. We’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your wedding plans. Please also feel free to visit our website at: http// for more information.

Sincerely yours,