Private Investor - Impending Foreclosures

Business Letter

Dear …

Need a quick sale for your property but don’t want to pay those Realtor Fees?

Then you’ll want to read on… Trying to sell property quickly today, usually ends up costing the owner considerably more than it should. Realtor commissions, facelift or repair costs to ready the home for showing, legal fees, etc.– they all add up fast! Just because you need a quick sale, doesn’t mean you should have to pay all those additional costs.

There is good news! Selling your home to a private investor relieves you from these additional costs. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is __(Name)__ , a private investor who is currently looking to purchase homes in your area. I am here to offer you an alternative to the quick sale of your home.

Using the same formulas as those professional realtors, I arrive at the same fair market value for your home and I even use those same Buyer/Purchase Contracts. But what I don’t do, is charge you additional commissions for the sale. Nor will you be required to make repairs to your home and you won’t have to wait for a potential buyer to qualify for a mortgage!

Whatever your reason for needing that quick sale, here are some of the reasons you will want to call me.

  1. No commissions payable
  2. No Open Houses
  3. No Home Showings to that stream of potential buyers
  4. No having to keep yourhouse spotless 24/7
  5. No need for facelifts or home repairs …Yes, I will buy your house "As Is"
  6. No waiting for buyer mortgage approvals…I make cash offers and offer fast Closings

So why not call me today? I invite you to contact me anytime at __(phone #/email address/etc.)__ for a no obligation, risk free and no pressure analysis.