Vacation Resort Property

Business Letter

Dear …

You work day after day, week after week and now it’s time to relax and have some fun! You deserve a vacation...but having to spend your time on the phone trying to juggle reservations, calculate currency exchange and schedule months in advance, is no fun at all! Imagine owning your own beautiful, private lakeside or wooded property, only a few hours away, but yet a whole world away from the daily grind. We dare you to dream this dream.

__(Company name)__ is now offering vacation/resort properties ranging from as little __($amount)__

to __($amount)__, on the lake or in the woods. Whatever you desire, we have the right choice for you.

It is well known that vacation and resort property is the one of your best investments. Not only an investment in your peace of mind, health and enjoyment, it is also an investment that maintains high resale value or rental value. What other vacation pays you back in cash income?

Let __(Realty company name)__ help make your dreams come true. Let us help you get in to the kind of vacation that is always available to you, private and relaxing and is one that is yours and yours alone.

You work hard, you deserve it! Make your next step, your first step in making your dreams come true. Call us at __(phone #)__.