Health Memberships on sale

Business Letter

Dear ...

You heard it here first...50% off a new membership!

Yes, the rumor is true. __(Company name)__ is now offering 50% off of all new memberships from now until __(date)__. We have expanded our facility in order to offer you the best in several unique services. Many of you have been waiting to join this club -- now is your chance, with a great added value of 50% off!

Here are just a few of our unique services...

  1. Newest and latest technology in exercise equipment
  2. On-site herbal and vitamin store
  3. On-site Professional Fitness Trainers
  4. Our new all inclusive spa
  5. Tanning
  6. Facials
  7. Hair Styling
  8. Private showers and change rooms
  9. On-site drycleaner

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime offer! Hurry and sign up today! Call us at __(phone #)__ or drop by in person to __(address)__.

See you soon!