Requesting Supply of Brochures

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Supply of Brochures

I am writing to you today to request a supply of brochures from your company. __(Name of our Organization/We/I/etc.)__ would like to have a number of copies on hand so that whenever __(our sales representative(s)/etc.)__ __(are/is)__ __(out on sales calls/travelling/etc.)___, __(they/he/she)__ can conveniently take one with __(them/him/her)__. That way your __(products/services/programs)__can be more easily marketed to potential customers, which is good for both our companies.

__(You/Your company/Name of company)__ certainly offer(s) the kind of __(products/services/programs)__ that we want to actively promote. And with your professional looking brochures, we believe that we can represent your __(products/services/programs)__ very well. Having said that, kindly send us a supply of at least __(#)__of these brochures to:

__(Company Name)__



Thank you for your response to this request. We look forward to receiving the brochures at your earliest convenience.

Yours truly,