Dreaming of that day we can be together

Love Letter

My dearest …

As I am sitting here thinking of you, I wonder if you know how much my world has changed ever since you came into my life. If you know that thoughts of you consume my mind everyday. How I endlessly think about you and the special love that we share, and how much I live for those moments that we are able to steal away together.

My every desire is to be with you. Some nights, as I close my eyes, I envision the two of us together. Arm in arm walking through life together as friends and lovers, as two soul mates who finally found each other. I long to be the one you wake up to in the mornings and the one you kiss goodnight, every night. I love you so much and I dream of being with you for all eternity.

It is so hard having to be apart. Being denied your kisses, denied your loving arms and tender touches. There are times I feel myself longing for you from the deepest part of my soul. Everyday my love for you grows stronger. I treasure our love and the dreams we have of sharing our lives together. How I long for that day when we will finally be able to share a life together of love and happiness.

What keeps me going is that I believe we are meant to be and somehow, some way, some day we will be together. Until then, I hope that each of our precious moments together and our love for each other, takes us ever closer to that day.

Loving you with all my heart,