Overview on Police policy

Business Letter

Dear …

On behalf of __(name of Company)__, thank you for sending __(name)__ out on __(date)__, to give an overview of Police policy to our employees. It was an honor to have __(an expert / experts)__ from the __(name of organization)__speak to us about these very important issues. We really appreciated it.

It’s evident that __(name is/your representatives are)__ well informed with all Police policies, procedures and protocol. __(His/Her/Their)__ overview was well structured and very informative. All the questions that our employees presented to __(him/her/them)__ were skillfully and professionally handled.

We have received positive comments from all our employees about this lecture. They found it to be very interesting and all of them believe the information presented is quite valuable. Once again, thank you for providing the opportunity for us to hear that very important message.

Best regards,