Years of Service in governing role (i.e. Mayor)

Business Letter

Dear …

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the __(length of time)__ you served our community as __(title of civic/gov’t position held)__. Your leadership skills and steady resolve are second to none, proving time and time again, to be our good fortune. The citizens of this community are indeed fortunate to have had such a capable __(mayor/leader/etc.)__.

It’s evident that you really care about this community, __(Name)__. The legacy of your tenure as __(title of civic/gov’t position held)__ of __(Name of Community)__ will surely be noted in part, as the consistency in which you handled all situations. Always seeking wisdom and fairness, while keeping __(Name of Community’s)__ best interest close at heart. It’s little wonder you held such high respect and strong support amongst the members of this community. Thank you again, __(Name)__, for your valuable contributions to our community. We have all in one way or another, benefited from your unyielding dedication to this __(town/city)__. A very commendable job, indeed.