Thanks for Care Package sent to Army Troops

Business Letter

Dear …

I want to take this opportunity to personally extend my deepest thanks to you for sending a care package recently to our troops stationed in __(Location)__. Let me assure you that your gesture of kindness and support has been received with immeasurable gratitude by all the soldiers who have shared in the treasures found in this package. I can’t tell you how much a package like this boosts the morale in this hostile and stressful environment.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that receiving a care package like this is considered a big event around here… like a welcomed ray of sunshine. It shows that somebody really cares by giving these soldiers small comforts that are otherwise very hard to come by. Most of the items you sent are difficult to obtain here, so your gifts are a real blessing. And the news __(paper/articles you included/you told of in your letter/etc.)__ __(is/are)__ great. Any news of home is a breath of fresh air to us. You should know that you have impacted the lives of many of these brave men and women here, bringing back lost smiles to their faces with your care package.

We are grateful to people like you who show us that we are not forgotten, even though we’re so very far away. It is tough being out here, missing family and friends back home. And for those people without family, receiving a care package may be the only mail they get. So, it does our hearts good to know there is such support for our troops from people like you back home. Thank you for believing in us and taking the time to care. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated immensely.

Sincerely yours,