Help Identifying Problem Areas

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Name of Department)__

Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for the generous time you gave to meet and interview each of __(name of department’s)__ team members. I can’t tell you how impressed everyone was with the way you handled the whole discussion process. The positive feedback received back from team members and managers alike, confirms that this was a very worthwhile and well received effort.

Some of the comments that came back to me include:

  1. __(briefly describe comment)__
  2. __(briefly describe comment)__
  3. __(briefly describe comment)__

What I have derived from most of the feedback is that there was quite a disconnection between the various teams as it related to the corporate vision. There appeared to be discrepancies within each team with their interpretation of “our vision.” Regrettably, this factored into the lack of collaboration across the teams that many felt. In addition, __(briefly summarize another point that you wish to highlight that you derived from the feedback)__.

Having now completed my initial assessment of the __(name of department)__, I’ve begun planning the first stages of a __(briefly describe what you are going to do – i.e. team building program)__. I have identified a couple of things that can be easily implemented and will allow us to see an immediate improvement in the area of__(problem area -- i.e. communication)__.

I’m actually quite enthused about moving forward with this __(type of program - i.e. team building program)__, as my strongest skills lie in the areas of __(list a couple of the skills you will need to achieve this)__.

Already, there is a growing sense of synergy amongst the __(name of department’s)__ __(managers/team leaders)__ and I believe that I can definitely help take it to the next level. Once again, __(Name)__, thank you for helping us to identify the problem areas in the __(name of department)__. Your time and efforts were greatly appreciated.