The generous time you spent with me

Business Letter

Dear …

I’d like to thank you for meeting with me on __(date)__. I appreciated all the time and care that you took to ensure I was completely comfortable with the intricacies of the __(services/products/etc.)__ __(Name of Organization)__ offers. It was time well spent, both interesting and greatly appreciated.

I especially enjoyed the extensive tour of your facilities and the chance to meet some of your __(associates/colleagues/etc.)__. The professionalism and dedication exhibited within your organization is very impressive, __(Name)__. After spending __(a few hours/the afternoon/morning/etc.)__ __(at Name of Organization/with you/etc.)__ , I am more enthusiastic than ever to work with your organization. It appears my skills form a good fit with our collective goals and I am quite keen to get started.

Again, thank you for the generous time you afforded me. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and your colleagues and look forward to working together.