Thanks - Your Referral

Business Letter

Dear …

Thank you for your kind referral of __(name)__ to __(name of Organization)__. Our organization strives to offer the best __(service/counseling/care)__ to our __(clients/guests/patients/etc.)__ and you can rest assured that __(name)__ will be well taken care of. Our team of experienced professionals have the both the expertise and the compassion to handle these cases effectively.

We are very pleased to enclose our brochure outlining the various programs that we currently offer. There tends to be a great need in our community for various __(type)__ programs and we now have in place the programs to fulfill those needs. I am available to answer any questions that you may have about our services and ask that you feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you once again, __(name)__, for taking the time to refer __(name)__ to us.