Thanks - Your Referrals

Business Letter

Dear …

I can’t express to you enough how much __(we/I)__ appreciate the business referrals you send __(our/my)__ way. There is nothing better than to have a customer referred to you by someone who holds the kind of respect and admiration that __(you have/your company has)__ in the community. __(We are/I am)__ so grateful for the number of __(clients/customers)__ you have sent to __(us/me)__ and want to assure you that __(we are/I am)__ taking very good care of each one of them.

It has been__(our/my)__ privilege to be of service to all those you’ve referred. Thank you, __(name)__, for the vote of confidence you have in __(name of company/me)__. That is the highest recommendation __(we/I)__ could ever receive.

Your kindness is greatly appreciated.