Billing Error - Request Revised Bill

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Billing Error

We are in receipt of your invoice in the amount of __($ amount)__. There appears to be a discrepancy with one of the charges listed on the invoice. Please be advised that we will be withholding payment of__(that amount/this invoice)__ until the matter can be resolved.

With reference to our original agreement, the cost for __(type of work/product)__ was to be __($amount)__, based on __(type of criteria)__. Instead, we have been billed for __($amount)__. The conflict appears to be in the __(area of conflict – example: grade of –type of- materials used)__. As we did not agree to __(a higher grade of materials/products/etc.)__, it is not reasonable that we should be committed to paying a higher price.

Please resubmit an invoice that reflects the original costs that we agreed to and we will be happy to pay the bill promptly. We are very satisfied with the __(the shipment/work you performed)__ and hope that we can resolve this situation quickly and amicably. It would be a shame if this were to prohibit us from doing business with __(you/your company)__ in the future.

Thank you for your timely attention to this matter.

Yours very truly,