Invoice Letter

Business Letter


RE: Invoice - __(Reference #/Description)__

Thank you for utilizing the services of __(Name of Organization)__. We are pleased to have now completed all as agreed. Detailed below is an account of our services rendered, along with the corresponding __(fees/charges/etc.)__ for each.

Briefly describe Service #1 ($Amount)

Briefly describe Service #2 ($Amount)

Briefly describe Service #3 ($Amount)

TOTAL ($Amount)

__% Sales Tax ($Amount)

Payment Due ($Amount)

Payment Terms: Due __(immediately upon receipt of this invoice/within 30 days/etc.)__ Payable to: __(Name of your Organization)__

We trust that you will find all to be in order and look forward to receiving your payment of __($Amount)__. It was a pleasure to be of service to you, __(Name)__, and we hope to do business with you again.

Yours truly,