Account Manager Replacement

Business Letter


RE: Account Manager Change

I’m sending out this letter to inform you of the changes that have recently taken place at __(Name of Organization)__. __(Former Employee’s Name)__, who has been your account manager for the past __(length of time)__, has decided to move on to other things. __(He/She)__ recently made a move to __(location)__ and is now working with a __(type of company)__. This really is a great opportunity for __(him/her)__ and we genuinely wish __(him/her)__ the best.

I know, __(Customer’s first name)__, that you really enjoyed working with __(Former Employee’s Name)____. Truth be known, we all enjoyed having __(him/her)__ as part of our team. Thankfully, we’ll be able to call on __(him/her)__ occasionally to help out with the odd project. Going forward, however, __(New Employee’s Name)__ has now been assigned to your account. Though the latest addition to our team, __(he/she)__ has considerable experience in __(type of field)__ and comes to us with a superior level of competence. You’ve already had the opportunity to see __(him/her)__ in action on the __(type of project)__ that __(he/she)__ completed for you. __(I/We)__ believe that __(New Employee’s First Name)__ will be a good fit for you, __(Customer’s first name).

As always, __(our/my)__ commitment to providing __(identify the type of work the dep’t provides – example: excellent customer service)__ remains firm. Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or concerns about this change. I always welcome an opportunity to __(touch base/have a chat/etc.)__ with you.

Yours sincerely,